Tuesday, March 17, 2009

6 straight hours!!!

I've been modifying my page for 6 hours. Changed the templates, colour etc. The stress part is when i completely finish working on my template...the comment box is not working...arghhhhh...mintak puji punya blog. After few hours battling with the HTML codes finally i finish. Satisfy with my blog now (promise not to change the template for quite a while...LOL). i learn the HTML code things since i'm in primary six lg. but i never really apply it so i'm facing a hard time fixing my comment box. Then in between studying the HTML codes, these celcom broadband messing up with me. It keep terminate my internet. Aigooo (squeeze the broadband). Now i can finally rest...phewwww... c u again.

1 comment:

~|| akU baH ni ||~ said...

.: hehe.. proud to be ur student.. i salute ur determination.. wow!! huhu.. :.