Saturday, March 21, 2009

'Pain for beauty' and a teddy

I went to see dentist today. It's a private clinic. I don't prefer to go to hospital because from what I heard they always ask patients to make appointment and come back later. It's not like I can't do that, but I have very little free time lately. So what can be finish, I finish right at that moment. Don't want to postponed. So I went for dental filling. It costs me RM70 (mak ai mahalnyyya). I expect only about RM50. But I satisfy with the outcome (cantik weiii) plus the dentist even gave me free lectures 'bout patients behaviour or something like that....(well not really pay attention). That tooth not really in pain but the damage already quite big so i want to filled right away. Like people always said 'preventing is better than curing'. Besides I don't want my tooth to get ugly. I can bear a little pain anyway (or a lot.. LOL). So everyone out there take a good care of your teeth so you will have the sweetest smile.

Then pg jumpa my ehem...ehem (yang baru sampai smalam)... siap dapat ole-ole lg. Ni yg tersentuh ni. Comelkan. Thanxxx a lot sebab spend time cuti ni dgn sy, really appreciate it. Kalau dia x balik cuti ni,memang mggu depan ni dinobatkan sbg 'week with most hair stands'. Dah la busy, then dia x blik cuti lg (nasib balik gak). Kuranglah stress kalau ada dia ni......

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