Friday, May 22, 2009

My Interview

Just got back from my interview. Ni lah antara soalan temuduga untuk ISMP. They are 2 people that interviewing me. Both man. Quite loud and noisy interview....(like edward said just keep talking to avoid questions). Ni la tentatif my interview

1. Describe yourself (aku x sedia question ni....aku sedia untuk introduce yourself).
2. Your education background.
3. What is your mother n father doing.
4. What do you think about teaching science and maths in English in order to improve English subject. (Bknnya melalui subjek english tu x boleh improve...cuma government just expanding the English 'area')
5. English teachers are busy finishing syllabus that they don't care about improving the English skills. (I'm backing the English teacher tau...)
6. Rural areas with poor English.....How?
(Then after that diorg dah mula suruh aku ajar Bahasa Inggeris untuk pelajar Tingkatan 1 di pedalaman....Ajar past tense lagi tu, apa lg aku pun jadikan la diorg murid aku, then ajar I went, I will go hahaha)
7. Why UMS? org cakap UMS low class?
(Masa time2 ni dia suruh aku berhenti speaking and cakap melayu.....hehehe....)
8. Good grades student dislike co-curriculum, What do you think? (i start talking about mind set student yang pandai2 ni)
9. Then how to change the mind set?
10. Then last question dia tanya if i have questions......

Rasanya macam 2 ja la interview ku. No PIPP, no menteri2, no cluster school, no economic gross.....My interview mmg noisy la siap dia ckp lagi saiz badan kecil tapi suara kuat mesti cikgu garang dalam kelas. Hehhehe...

After this I have to focus back on my work. I have to mark moral f4 paper. I catch a glimpse on their paper before I went back, well look like they didn't left any questions unanswered. Then the curriculum carnival is on the way (to be exact on 17th of June). I'm in charge for AJK Hiasan. I will be decorating the Jabatan Kemanusiaan booth. But what is more exciting is of coz mid year break for two soulmate will be back next week also. Time please flies soon.


sankai~!!� said...

hopefully dpt..
size doesnt matter..

Ju Hyeon said...

I'm full of hope to Allah now.....

sd. said...


big relief~

Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Can't wait for the break also. Need to b with my "inner soul".

ani said...

insyaAllah dpt..
ko apply d ums ka?
dkat jgk..