Sunday, May 24, 2009

Only 1 day off

Macam ttidak cukup rehat rasanya. Tomorrow work again (i'm complaining too much). Well at least June is coming. Why? Well June promise me lots of things.....See what is coming for me in June.

~My soulmate will be back to Tawau.
~Mid-Year Break, 2 weeks.
~Result ISMP will be out around 2nd week of June.
~Oscar Nite.
~Carnival Curriculum.
~Money $$$ Money on 25th.


~|| akU baH ni ||~ said...

.: yea.. can't wait for ::

* holiday *
* the expo *

hrp2 f1 ada tlibat dgn expo.. yeehaa.. :.

Si Yoyop Bah... said... break...Can't wait 4 it!

Ju Hyeon said...

Aleen : F1 tatap ada la ba tu....hehehe...

Kak Su : sy tau apa misi kak su cuti ni...hehehe...