Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Borneo Samudera

Last nite I company my cousin to Borneo Samudera. It is located between Tawau-Semporna Highway. She had her practical there. Now she is on her second week. She is majoring in biotechnology. The staff house is really big there. Not that the house is big but the area. They are many blocks of flat and one unit consists of three bedrooms. It's near to SMK Balung. She actually asked me to stay there with her since that I'm in my school's holiday rite now. But I said no, because my other half is also in Tawau rite now (nanti marah pula dia aku stay di balung). But anyway, i will miss u sis...take care.

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Rasman said...

hai boleh tau ka..apa alamat tempat tu??aku mau try cari kerja la d sana..boring la kerja di bandar tawau..