Saturday, June 20, 2009


This post I want to dedicate to all the teachers in SMTT.........

Being a teacher in SMTT is very challenging. Teachers in SMTT having friendship with stress, living with ISO, loving the student with different personalities, walking with different teacher's attitude, running with so many request from our bos and sleeping with all the datelines in mind. They are the great people that build success in SMTT.

Sometimes I think what I did in life that deserved me to work with all these amazing people. I'm no one compare to them. There is not even a day I go through in SMTT without thinking 'duk na siapalah aku di SMTT ni'. Working in a crowd of great achievers people really made me motivated. Working with them didn't put away my confidence level but remembering me to 'sedar diri' and always learned from them.

Working with them gave me many valuable lessons. Working with with them gave the best out of the best experience in my life. Working with them taught me the real meaning of dedication. Working with them made me a wannabe teacher. Working with them maturing me.

I still remembered being interviewed by Edward, Cikgu Fadzillah, Kak Juridah and Puan. I know at that moment if Allah give me this chance, it will be my turning point in life (big turning point) and my life changing moment. Well it, is. Thanks a lot Allah for this ( feel sedih n terharu rite now).

I still remembered hearing stories from Kak Su that she have been to 9 countries (sekarang dah bertambah...). It really 'wow' me away. For my readers information I always want to go travelling. But never had a chance. I'm not from a wealthy family. I remembered reading about tourism places around the world, but seeing from book is the only thing I can do. Lake Como, Bali, Seoul, Big Ben or Sapporo is my childhood imagination. But I now I have those desires again and it is stronger than ever. Thanks to my beloved Kak Su.

I still remembered working with Convo AJK, PIBG meeting AJK, Analisis Kesihatan AJK or Handball Team. How much effort they put, even on smallest things......what colour the flowers should be, what kind of lauk will be served, all the arrangements in order to satisfy the need of our pentadbir.

Then I watched how the English teachers prepared the Debate text. Well I'm also a debater and pembahas once, but never in my life that my B. Malaysia or English teacher prepared the speech for me. Pandai-pandai la atur ayat atau speech sendiri. Penyelaras Tingkatan that sometimes took attendance for six class, when so many teacher not around.

Eventhough they are many teacher's behaviour or flawless but it shouldn't be the reasons I don't give my great applause.



Si Yoyop Bah... said...

sedih btl pula baca entry ni...Menyentuh ke dasar hati yg paling dalam...Jgn ko risau bah kalau setakat KK, selalu SMTT buat lwtn ke sana. Kan SMTT ni sekolah angkat UMS. Nnt kami lawat ko disana.

sankai~!!� said...

aku setuju..
SMTT jugak salah satu big turning point untuk aku....

banyak benda yang aku belajar sejak bekerja di SMTT....