Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yup I'm 21 here's the highlight for my bday, I checked in to Tune Hotel last night. I didn't plan to but Weena said she want to take me out.......kinda like pre-greeting. So I'm thinking at dat time to just check in at hotel and wait for my mum. My mum came to KK for my Birthday. I Love U mum. TenX to Baby n Weena. I love you sis. Then my day started with 'super duper extra charge taxi'. Since I got grammar class this morning, I have to rush from 1B to UMS. The pakcik Taxi charge me RM15. Mahal gila. I was sulking on my way to PPIB. Gerammmm. Then comes the 3 hours grammar class. The first two hours, I still can sit, relax, listen and really pay attention. But towards the end, I'm started to feel rimas already. Can't sit coursemates started to tell jokes. Aude with her Flea Market (click here for details), Billy with his Tsunami prediction etc. Right after class, I straightly went back to 1B again. We went for lunch and maybe movie tonite. Thanx also to all my family and friends that send greetings for me, Terima kasih banyak2 ya. One of my coursemate even do this......TenX Grace

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Anonymous said... kuar juga tu dlm blog si anne. haha..