Friday, August 07, 2009

Coming Up

There's a lot of highlight in UMS right now. But the main spotlight of course goes to Festival Filem Malaysia ke-22(FFM). Few days ago my friend Gwex text me "OMG aku nampak Hans Isaac d 1B...." hehehe. Some even text me asking for a ticket, sorry girls free pass aku pn senior yang bagi. Susah sangat lepas free pass tu. But anyway not forgetting the so many rumours we have in UMS about H1N1. But what the admin can confirm is that there is 1 positive case (is it....). The rumours that already spread got a lot of version. I can tell 100++ the different stories I heard about H1N1. Semoga Allah melindungi kami.
Enough about that, move the spotlight to me. I have so many things coming up. My penyerahan dokumen PTPTN is on saturday. FYI it is the same date with FFM. I've asked my friends how the procedure goes. Some of my friends said that sometimes it took them until night. NO!!!! What will happened to my FFM. Please no......
Then not forgetting our mini research n my many other assignments. We are trying to do it b4 mid sem. So we all can balik kampung la. My mum said got so many cats in my house (hehehe I miss home). We decided to do in SMK Tenghilan and SM Shan Tou. Wish us the best of luck k.


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

What Hans Isaac and I have in common: We love Nescafe so much. Hehe

Gel said...

Neng, kalu ko segan pakai mask, ko hias itu mask supaya nampak mcm untuk bergaya hahaha kreatif2(!?)