Monday, September 28, 2009

Disaster Flight

My flight back to KK supposed to be at 6.10pm. I think it's the day before when they called me and told that the flight was cancelled and they changed mine to 9.40pm. I have a very bad feelings about that. Simply because the curfew in UMS which is at 11pm. But the different things happened, I meant worst things happened.

First : I noticed on the boarding pass there is no gate stated. It is owkay if our flight is the only one that will depart. But there is also MAS flight to KL at the same time. Exactly 9.40pm. So when we 'bout to boarding all the passengers are confused, plus if you noticed how KK n KL sounds alike. We keep changing from one gate to another.

Second : When we about to take off (you can hear the sounds of the engine already). Suddenly the pilot announced that the weather in KK is very bad. The visibility is low. So we have to get back to the terminal. I'm really worried at that time, not because of the delayed but because SOMEONE is waiting for me at the airport. My beloved sis la wei.....jgn fikir bukan2. So when we the plane already parked (hahahaha parking yeekk) again at the terminal. I switch on my hp n tried to called her. She already at the KK airport. Sorry sis , then I called my mum and keep texting her. We were stucked about 30 minutes.

Third : The pramugara is damn fucking bloody rude. They greet people with their fake smile (or ugly smile). But shout at people. He shout at me to switch off my phone when we were at the terminal. Cakap bagus2 la sengal.

Fourth : Never in my life I felt scared like that. Banyak sangat corner kapal terbang tu aku rasa. It was damn torturing. I thought I will die. I even wrote something in case something happened (if the plane crashed, no one will read it anyway).....This is actually what I wrote.....

"I don't know what exactly the time now n where the hell am I. I'm on my way to KK. My beloved sister is waiting for me at the airport (if she still wait...). The weather is not good in KK. What am I feeling rite now....quite pissed and scared. The plane is shaking rite now. If something happened..................."

suddenly the pilot made a report....and I stopped writing.

Fifth : I arrived in UMS about 12.30 pm. The UMS guard are also shouting.......................Why everybody had to shout. No need to shout k.


ani said...

Alhamdullilah selamat jugak ko smpai ning..
flight aku pn teruk ni...

dawn said...

wow.. scary. I once had that experience till I swear I don;t want to go by plane anymore.. Ironically I did. hehehehe

Ju Hyeon said...

ani: ya pnjang juga umurku kan

kak dawn: Mayb i will think twice if i want to travel by plane. Jerak ni hehe