Monday, September 07, 2009

I will lose it

I will lose it yet I let myself rely more on her....I know that when she go far away from me, I will damnly miss her around me. I should learn to be independent now. Stand on my own feet and be strong. I will definitely miss her presence. Thank You for everything you have done. I couldn't ask for more. In future there will be no text messaging saying 'mau tapau apa' or commenting 'panas bah kau ni'. I won't forget our memoirs, hope you stay safe.

Here is my regular update

Yeah balik kampung
Yup I'm going back to Tawau on 18 Sept, Friday. I will arrive at 7.45am (insya Allah). I can't wait to celebrate Raya with my family.

Questionnaire Report
I thought finishing our mini-project will be a big relief but I'm having trouble doing the Questionnaire Report. I even invent and use my own format (adeiiii....). Tomorrow have to ask Miz Anna larr...Remember Don't Assume hehe.

Fasting Temptation
Too much food temptation. We have an assignment regarding lesson plan and one of the group using food as teaching aid. (Drooling ooohh time presentation). Sometimes you can see also a can of Sprite, Kuih Muih, Nasi Lemak or maybe a cold mineral water on the table beside me.....(banyakkan berasabar ya).

31st month Anniversary
I can celebrate our upcoming 31st month Anniversary because I will be at Tawau already. Both of us glad that the date is very strategic with our Raya holiday. We are still planning how we are going to celebrate it. F.Y.I this will be our first meeting since I go to UMS.


Anonymous said...

sepa juga yang hilang dan pergi..? you are strong little woman la anne and very determine one. of course yo can handle the 'missing' feeling.

balik kampung? bah jangan lupa bawa kuih raya ya...

questionnaire report? samala...i am facing some probs too.

fasting temptation: hm..sabar jak la kita aa...

anniversary? 31st month? 2 year and 7 month? nice..happy anniversary then..mesti rindu gila nie...wish me lar..a decade of anniversary..hahahah

ani said...

slamat hr raya ning.maaf zahir batin..& happi anniversary!
(duit raya mntak!!)

Ju Hyeon said...

Kak Hilda: My beloved sister la....Sy doakan Kak Hilda got Golden marriage anniversary hehehe

Ani: Aku pun mau duit raya...TenGs ani