Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Movie Day

Yesterday was a total of movie. My day start at the Bilik Tayangan library because I had my literature class. We need to watch a movie called My Fair Lady (the one that had Audrey Hepburn in it). The duration of the movie is 3 and half hours. I was awake for the first 15 minutes...after that I'm unconscious (bad me...). Maybe you guys wondering how I manage to sleep.....since the Bilik Tayangan really looks like a cinema (a mini cinema actually) so the environment was a lullaby for me. I even do different sleeping position. The movie was good actually but there's a lot of singing in it that kinda turn me off for. Besides we are not under the supervision of our lecturer after the first hour. Heheehee. (Promise won't do that again). After that me n some of my clicks off to another movie which is The Ugly Truth. I was still in my formal dress that time. Don't have time to change clothes. I enjoyed the movie actually until someone that I dearly love text me she sprained her ankle. OMG. I'm dead worried that time. My eyes not on the screen anymore.....but the screen of my hp. How I wish I was there with her (sigh.....).

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