Friday, October 02, 2009


PTPTN today is like hell. I went to anjung siswa at about 6.45am. I know, it's damn early. But if you want to get the number and a good spot to 'berebut' then you have to come early. We start off with a good attitude, we have two lines actually in front off ther door. When so many people arrived, you barely saw the lines. People keep shouting to other side, mocking them and booing. But there's no use because there's too many people already to start with a line again. As the door opened and they begun to distribute the numbers, UMS seriously acting like maniac. They pushed, squeezed, even hit people. OMG. I can feel weird things around me. I can't move, sometimes I automatically move because the people keep pushing me from behind. So many feet stepped on my foot, my beg felt like being pulled etc. I seriously thought I got killed bah. After that war I manage to get my number, the lucky number is 1212 (first number is 1001). It did not stopped there, got another dilemma. But still I manage to solved it, and thanks to my speaking lecturer, Miss Anna for her signature.

When my number called, It's is another war with the pegawai. Not actually the war la, because the pegawai yg shout. I just angguk2 and keep quiet. Punyalah tu pegawai melempar2 borang, teriak, menyindir2 and banyak lg yg sama time dengannya. But still after the "not so pleasant session" Thank GOD my document "PASS". Thanks Allah for this. I'll use the money wisely and will pay on time in the future.

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