Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Movie, Movie and Movie.

You might judge me outdated, SO 10 minutes ago, lame, some old kind of people or many other things that you can think off. But me is me.

Lately Twilight saga, New Moon creates huge buzz in the Entertainment industry. Even though I'm not one of the fanatic fan but I know terms like 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' okayy. So at least give me a credit for that. But when I mention I'm not a fanatic fan of this movie, what I meant was I'm not really eager to watch this movie. I will watch it (maybeeee...) if I have a chance. F.Y.I I never watch Twilight. (Yup you can start call me names now). I don't really have a chance. I was busy working when the movie came out late last year. My cousins had a great time in 1B at that time. My Eyen is a big fan of it since then. Bella...Edward...Vampire...Edward again, yaaaa she pretty crazy about it.

I don't know why but sems like I don't have luck in watching those saga, epic, sequel movies. I never watch any of Harry Potter series even in TV y'all (Call that names again). I also never watch the Transformer nor the Star Wars. I only watch Pirate of the Carribean 1, the 2 never come in my life. Same goes to Lord of The Ring.

But I love movies. Movies never fail to brighten up my day. (Especially movie date.......). Hehehe. Right now my cousin Twilight DVD is in front of me now, but still I don't feel like watching it.


chocolatte said...

i watched harry porter,and lord of the ring. but im not twilight fan too, sayang..haha..u can't call me name because i call u sayang..

it has been ages since our last chat kan? whenever u online buzz me ok! :P

Linda CJ said...

huhu... im craving 4 NEW MOON~

Ju Hyeon said...

cukulet : tengs fer the wonderful name u called me darling honey pie hehehe....

linda : grab a ticket now and go watch it.