Thursday, November 19, 2009

Semoga berjumpa lagi

Yesterday I have a get together with my high school friends, Norhasdiana, Zukiyana, Norilah. Since Has will be moving to KL today so we decided to meet and have our 'usual' conversation. We don't really recall our high school memories, instead we try to keep up with each other stories, how things going or what already happened to each other....well we try our best not to 'mengumpat' owkay.

The four of us (and some other girls also) were really closed during Form 4&5. F.Y.I we were in all-girls school. If u are from Tawau, you know what school I'm talking about. u remember where is actually our class? We actually stay in the science laboratory because there is not enough class. Since we are science students so the school located us in the lab. You know how lab is right? We have to sit in a group, because that how lab is....big table where everybody sit together, we don't put single table in lab.

We are really closed, we even have our own secret 'agreement' (we actually sign on it) where we have to keep each other secret. I lost that agreement already. hehehee. We did naughty things in school. We even had catfight with other girls (Thank God my mum did not read blogs). We sit in front of the class and in charge of noise. There is one thing I cannot forgot when the girls throw a suprise birthday party to me (I love U girls....). In my life I rarely had real cake during my those who closed and know me really well, must know this fact.

I heard some of my friends already married and some are getting married. I'm happy for them. They are moving to another phase of life and hope they will do well. Kalau ada yang bakal raja sehari tu jemput2 la ya. Teringin juga ke majlis kahwin kawan sendiri.

Anyway I will miss Has a lot. I wish you all the best in your life. Please visit us here in Tawau k.

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