Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, it's time to say goodbye.

super-duper long at your own risk
It's time to say goodbye to the year that very meaningful to me. This year (I could say...) a 'life-changing moment'. There are tremendous situations/things happened.
Not organzied according to timeline or priority.

1. My beloved grandmother passed away on 12th December 2009. I have to invent a new word to describe what me and my family felt that time. We are shocked. We can't accept the fact that she gone. I don't know how we will recover after this. I cannot let time decides because the memories going to be stronger as time pass by. I've been living with her for almost 12 years. I don't know what is next but whatever it is, things will never be the same again. Our raya will never be the same anymore. Our house definitely different from what we used to. We are a small family and without her it is going to be much smaller. Looking around the house reminds me a lot of her. Now I have something to hate about 2009. There is a big moment of grief in it that I don't want to go through anymore. Even I can't believe I'm writing this things, I can't believe death visit us.

2. Offered to UMS, Degree of Education in TESL. I was like...Alhamdulillah~~ YES!!!! YES!!!! finally you came baby. I was waiting for one year for this oppurtunity. One year maybe like a blink of an eye for you people. But for a 20 years-old girl like me who doesn't have much choice in life, It is the longest time ever. I was hoping badly for it, I even said to myself 'If I don't get any offer this time, I might stop trying'. People give up sometimes, so do I. I'm thinking to get a permanent job. Oh I remembered that I did applied for PLUMS (Pengajian Luar UMS) and I even got interview for Pembantu Makmal Rendah for Agensi Nuklear Malaysia. hehe.

3. Independent Day (for me...). I arrived in KK. For the first time I'm out of the house. Hehehe. Got mix feelings there- happy, scared, excited, worried, intimidated and many more. Independent in my point of view is when you can decide what's your meal, what time you want to sleep, and stuff like that you know.

4. Meeting new and 'not-so-new' people. I met Weena again, thanks to her I got great days. I met TeSLian and that includes my dearly friends, Ain, Mawar, Ody. I also met some of my old friends back in high school. Of course most of them in 2nd year already, some even 3rd.

5. Continuation of my job as a teacher (GSTT) in SM Teknik Tawau. I was given mostly form 5 class and it could never got better when I was assigned as a homeroom teacher (guru kelas la...). It is such a big responsibility for me. Not to forget the side job in school, routines and students' problem. The time when I went to Kuhara for Handball tournament, School's Convocation, and my first Teacher's Day. I miss the feeling of someone greet me 'Assalamualaikum cikgu' and all the vibe you get when you're being one. I think I have to invent a new word to describe my feeling at that time. 11 great months with all the SMTT people..........28 July 2008 until 26 Jun 2009.

'A Here n There'
6. My 21st birthday. (My mum went to KK to celebrate the day).

7. My relationship with Fikry had its own ups and downs. But I am grateful for each day we have. We are stronger than ever. Love U sayang.

8. My cousin's convocation. She graduated (Norhaniza Johansah a.k.a Egel).

9. Eyen went to Matric Labuan. Miss her so much.

10. SMK Tenghilan. The feeling after that is something I will never forget. The satisfaction and relieved are what I want to feel over and over again.

11. I don't know why but I love the time when we watched 2012. Maybe because we almost finished our exam paper at that time. Darls, you remember when we eat McD before, I was really enjoying that moment. I feel like 'problemless' and nothing to worry.

12. All the sweet moments I had with my sis.

13.The born of SML....

14. Festival Filem Malaysia in DC UMS. (Thanks again sis)

15. Program Anak Angkat @ Keningau bersama ahli Interim lain.

16.Ain....I just want to thank U for everything U do. I love U hunny.

17. GOOD Result.....(proud sama adik kecik ku c Ody)

18. Meet old friend (elementary school punya friend tu....)


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happy new year anne..

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Happy New Year too Raman...