Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back to campus

I'm off to UMS tomorrow with a heavy sigh (big one also). I'm always okay with going back to UMS, after all it's only for a while and not to mention I love being there...going to class, my friends and stuff. But now, it's different. Things changed. I don't know what to expect actually. I just see what will happen. I might homesick badly or feeling home all the time. We'll see. But whatever happened in life, life's goes on right. The live one has to live and move on. Allah give me and my family a super strength to go on with life. Makes us a better person. Back to UMS story, class will be on right away.....8 am, monday morning.

This coming New Year is actually my first New Year away from home. But...But...But....yes here comes the twist, the extra spice, unexpected plot...(okayy too exaggerating). I'm actually expecting the upcoming New Year, why ooh why. Well someone important will keep me company there. Can't wait to meet the person...for a while, let it be a secret...we'll talk about it in details when the day come.

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