Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lost Appetite

Since holiday ni, I noticed that I ate very little. Woke up at 7 (LIE.......), 11 actually I directly took my lunch. Around 4 I will eat junk food or anything sweet. After that I don't anymore. If I hungry in the middle of the night, I eat some potato chips or again anything sweets. Conclusion, I only eat a meal a day. I'm actually a big eater back in UMS. Early in the morning kakak2 will knock our door and sell nasi lemak. I always get ready in case I might miss them. There is one incident when I'm about to off to class then suddenly kakak-sell-nasi lemak came. Fully dressed, butterfly smell, lip gloss (perfect to go to class) but I am so tempted at that time, I bought it, eat it and went to class with nasi lemak scent. Then in class I already planned in my head what to eat, where, and so on. Then in dorm room if my roomates kerja2 (you know what I meant), I eat again. If there is my roomates or my sis text me 'want to tapau'. I eat again. Hehehe.

I realised that maybeee I preferred outside food. Don't get me wrong my mum and nenek are excellent cook. Yummy. But I'm not saying I always preferred outside food, just sometimes. i have to agree I lost my appetite at home (Oh I feel so wrong writing this). I still remembered the incident when Mawar said she can't wait to go home and eat 'home food'. I have to admit I don't really miss it, but I trully, deeply, did miss home during my time in UMS kayy. I'm so sorry for writing this mum.... still I LOVE YOU. Your food is amazing, I am just a child that dumbly too tempted with outside food.

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chocolatte said...

bha anne, masak la resipi megi goreng beijing tu. haha.

btw,take care of your health oke? dont skip ur meal :(