Thursday, December 03, 2009

Movie Error

contain Ninja Asassin spoiler

Fate did not bring us together. We are not and never will be meant together. Enough said, that is wayyy too dramatic. I'm talking about Twillight saga people, New Moon. I supposed to watch it today with my mun and cousin. It turned out that they are having a technical problem and the movie cannot be shown at that time and not to mention that my mum already booked the tickets a day before. So our tickets became an open ticket (Sounds like flight ticket) or we could get refund. But me and my cousin decided to watch Ninja Asassin because I'm too lazy to go back already. I'm in my 'movie mood' bah. It took me some times to dress up and wear something really decent at that time. Funny how I'm trying to look extra-extra-extra nice when I will end up in a dark room for two hours and everybody eyes will focus on the screen. LoL.

The movie was good. But too much blood and scars I guess. I love the little love story in it. The one between Raizo and the Japanese girl. Pure love story. It creeps me out knowing that the Ninja came out from darkness. They move really fast. So be careful when you turn off the light, ninjas might get you (or cockroaches maybe). But still 10 years ninja's practice and skills lost to gun.

Looks like I'm never ever gonna be a Twilight fan.....

I also want to add some judgemental statements here (don't get too serious.....hehehe). I'm not really comfortable during the hours. I keep comparing the cinema to the one I always went to KK. If you know me really well, you know what I'm talking about. I keep thinking the screen is too small, the chair are not comfortable, the audio irritates me blah blah blah. I'm not being fussy but you cannot help it when you already used with a better one. I miss having movie date with the TeSLian. We could have tons of assignments as long as we have movie in between. We could pull ourselves out from a crazy day just by going to a movie. Movie makes it easier. hehehe.

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