Sunday, December 20, 2009

A week to go

My holiday left a week. Sometimes felt reluctantly go back to UMS. This had nothing to do with UMS. I'm happy there but things at home are not the same anymore. Pupuk is not with us anymore. My mum and dad will live alone. My cousin will be pursuing her Master next year. So the two of us will leave together at 27th December. I'm worried about my mum. She might work too much and neglect her health. My dad is also busy working. Hope he did not wok too hard. I just want both of them to be healthy. When pupuk still alive, my house is not that empty. But now this house looks and seems wayyy bigger than before, and one by one of my family making their way to another path. Maybe everyone are too shocked with what happened and need some time to think and to accept the truth.

I realised I had a lot of thinking since my pupuk died. I used to have this dream to further my study oversea and even maybe live there. But now, I don't want it anymore. I just want to graduate fast and safe then be near with my family all the time. Jangan posting saya jauh2 ya. I'm an only child so I kind off live in golden cage. During my schoolhood I cannot wait to go out. I don't want to study within Sabah. (But....Sabah juga rezeki aku....). Even in UMS I seldomnly had homesick. Honestly, I enjoyed my time being alone and with my friends. It's like the freedom I always wanted.

Things change and it happened for reason. I don't want it anymore. My dream had changed. My priority had changed. Family is what matters the most. Family comes first. That is why I was like malas2 balik UMS. Not to mention got only one week holiday for next sem....Sigh.


ani said...

semoga ko & keluarga dapat mengharungi saat2 ini dgn tabah...

Annie said...

tengs a lot ani....semoga Allah mempermudahkan segalanya