Wednesday, December 23, 2009


What more can I have in 2009..

tomorrow (24th december 2009)- RESULT OUT, my first result. Will do some shopping for kenduri dan baca tahlil malam ke-14.

25th december 2009- Kenduri dan baca Tahlil malam ke-14 for my late grandmother, also it's Christmas. Merry Christmas to everyone who's celebrating.

26th december 2009- 'Throwing things to luggage' will happen here.

27th december 2009- Bye-Bye Tawau. Off to UMS at 1.35pm with my cousin Norhaniza.

28th december 2009- Class again and battle with SMP to get through the busy line of online registration.

29th, 30th, 31 december 2009- Class. 1B might going on here.

8 days to new year........isn't life is like a blink of an eye.


ani said...

selamat kembali ke kampus..

Annie said...

tengs ani...u too... final year la u babe....

ani said...

bln 7 baru aku final yr ning...

Annie said...

astaga salah lagi...bah best bah kau