Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need a real pic

I need a real pic so bad. I cannot upload any new picture to my online account (I'm talking about Facebook and Blogspot here) since I don't have any camera. I can use my friends' camera but it still a different situation. I cannot change my profile pic, don't get me wrong Ria, I love the pic of U and me, I just want to be able to be creative again and the only thing that can pull that out from myself is lens.

YES!!! Lens bring out the best in me, not because I'm photogenic (maybe hehe) but I love to share my view with the help of my lens. I need to have the feeling of capturing moments again. Making the world in front of my eyes to be static, unmove and frame. Having the world stop by my own hands. Only lens can do that. Sometimes I viewed my life through my lens (correction again there.... used to have a lens) more than I viewed with my own eyes. My eyes are waeeyy too slow to absorb, digest, process things or situations that happened in front of me. So I let lens do their job. I miss having those moments. I don't know when it will come back again. But it is for sure, not anytime sooner.

I have an obsession with camera since I was in primary school. Around 11 or 12 something like that. I finally can lay my hands on my very own camera when I was 21 years old. Yes people, after 10 years I finally have my own lens to play with and sadly that lens not even make it to a year. During the 10 years, I've been using a lot and different cameras. My late grandfather's SLR, my friends' camera and my cousin also. My first camera was SLR actually but of course without live preview there hehehe and it still using the film, not a digital SLR. Classic thing I got there. My tiny little hands can afford to hold the big, bulky and heavy SLR camera. Amazing feeling. Very heavy I tell you. I love that cameras (yes SLR cameraS, three of them). It even got accessories like flash, extra lens. I move on to Digital camera, which is again not mine. Then I remembered using camcorder, which is also not mine. I was like examining that thing and experimenting with it each seconds I have. But it lasts for not long...because it is not mine in the first place anyway...

I don't remembered having any obsession or hobby that last for 10 years. Well I love shoes, nice clothes and stuff. I like hi-tech handphone or laptop, but never really want to own one. Honestly I don't even know what iPhone is, but it looks nice. My laptop is 2006 or 2005 model I think. So old, yet still nice. X percaya???? My handphone don't even have brand. I used to own SE hp before because it have a nice camera 3.2 mp. Quite high for a phone. But it was broken and brought back to Tawau. Lately I've been eyeing Samsung Corby, well it looks nice and cheap. But I'm satisfy with my phone now. I'm good.

Still mourning about camere here fella.

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Gel said...

Adei...ko beli jak la SLR tu spy ndak kempunan hehehehe