Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday was meant for a suprise, to me and one of my roomate. But let just keep the story for a while.

I was hanging out with DeeDee, Ain, Zoey and Stacee at Padang kawad palapes yesterday. They brought along their guitars, chords and stuff. Jangan pandang rendah dengan kami, we also have our own Yuna and Taylor Swift. LoL. I try to play for like 5 minutes when I start complaining, jari sakitlah, susah la, and so on. I guessed i'm kinda not good in playing instrument. I'm not saying this because I give up (part of it maybe). But I do have restriction in myself. My fingers are short (see the leg la), so it is hard for me to change the chords especially when it comes to guitar. My sis even willing to teach me but maybe she will knock my head (with the guitar) for nagging all day long.

Okayy then back to the suprises......It was one of my roomate's (skemanya...) birthday. It was her 23rd celebration. So one of my other rummy planning to celebrate it at the ODEC. F.Y.I we have a jeti in UMS, but so far I don't think any ship had ever anchor there. Hehehe. So cut the crap out, we brought along the birthday girl to odec with excuses that we all feel like hanging out by the sea in odec la, taking pictures la, and the good thing is she really bought our stories. But I think deep in her mind she already can guessed what is coming right? Then we took out the cake and gifts from the trunk and suprised her.......whether Kak Misa really suprise or pura-pura suprise, we just glad that she is happy.

Trivia: I only had one suprise birthday party in my life when I was 17.....and I only have few cakes throughout my life, the last time I had a cake for my birthday...I think,when I was 17. But I usually received a lot of gifts. It just that, I seldomly blew the candles.

Can I request for a suprise party on my upcoming birthday...LOL

Then to wrap up the night, I got a chance to measure my weight, because somehow, suddenly, out of the bluely, my rummy bought a weight measurement. I am smiling brightly like a maniac because I just gained 5.5 KILOS. That is a lot. A lot. I've been skinny for my whole life and it is very hard for me to add another pound in my body. WoW!!! I'm gonna eat a lot. A LOT~


ani said...

jgn lemak2 pn btmbh jgk ning...hikhik

Annie said...

iya bah...aku rasa lemak juga tu..but still happy xterkata