Friday, February 12, 2010

I love the vibe

I was in a cab, listening to, on my way to airport at 5.10am. The road at that time was empty. The sky was dark, can be mistakenly as night time. My cab stopped at the traffic light...I looked at my left, there's no car. Not even a person. I looked at my right, I saw lights. Lots of it. The radio was playing Russian Roulette by Rihanna. The aircond in the cab chills me. My feeling at that time was deeply calm, like in a rest. My mind was empty. I don't need to close my eyes to feel relax, because the feeling around me already relaxing my tensed body, mind and soul.

This was the best part of a day.

How I wish my day was like this everyday.

I wish I can start my day like that every single day. But, of course I need to get into the first flight to Tawau everyday. Hehehe. Thinking that I'm heading back to Tawau, my home, added extra marks to my day. I arrived at the airport, took the troly and walked my stuff slowly. Not a lot of people at that time and I'm not in a hurry. After checked in, I took my breakfast at McD. A set of Big Breakfast with coffee. Sitting alone and enjoying the food. The smell of my coffee was different from what I used to have. I breath in the smell, inhale it and grateful to Allah for my life.

Thinking that I will be home

I waited to board. A man with his family headed my way and I put my things away from the chair, emptying the seat beside me for them. The man mouthed 'Thank You' to me. I looked at them, I can see the man playing with his little baby boy, remembering what my friend had said that "A man is sexy when he entertain his kids". I wonder how it looks like when my Fikry play with his children. How he would hold a baby or replying the babbling words. I smiled sheepishly, and I realised i fall in love with him again. Again and again. Like the first time.

Again with every of my breath.

I got into the plane. Fall asleep after flipping CLEO Mag. Awakened by the beautiful peak of Mount Kinabalu. It was a crystal clear view. I saw the peak without clouded by the fog. Perfect time to look at the peak. I read the newspaper about the bad luck in tiger year, raping cases, and some myth about Valentines. The plane ready to land and I am so ready to see my family. It just a painful week for me. I need them.

I need to get away from whatever I have in KK, I need home, a real place of comfort


Audee Valeria said...

Good for you babe!

Miss you already...

Annie said...

miss U hard with chempedak....i meant cherry