Monday, February 15, 2010

When he just doesn't feel the same L.O.V.E anymore

Still with L.O.V.E post, since L.O.V.E is still in the air right?. Love isn't all about the mushy-mushy, lovey-dovey, flowery things only. It is not come in a full sweet package. Sometimes you will find bumps, hardships, bitterness, and even wild animals along the way. LOL. I think a lot of couple will encounter this at one point of their life. So please don't take it as a bad things or a sign that indicate your relationship is on the breaking point. You might feel, 'this is it', 'he's moving on', or 'I'm not what he favours anymore'. Well first of all, you have a right to think so.

But, remember that this is just another obstacle in your relationship. Believe me, if you can get through this period, you guys will be stronger than ever. Because during loving each other, you will grow together (reference: Steve from Oprah, loll). A man will grow during his realtionship. People change and grow. So don't be suprise if you're man is not the same anymore, he might be better, mature, and of course changing from what they used to be. To a better or worse person. A fine relationship is when both party can grow together and still accepting it along the way. Don't give up on your man when he's not acting the way you want or doing what you, at least, want him to do for you.

But I'm not denying that the man might not into L.O.V.E like he used to. Well, get it straight, he don't want you in his life. He might think that you are the wrong girl after all, or maybe you are good as a girlfriend but not as a partner or wife. It's up to you anyway to differentiate the things. Whether you guys are just in a dilemma or an end point. Relationship do arrive at a crossroads, it's up to you whether you want to take same route, or just wishing good luck with each other roads and say goodbye.

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