Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Accidentally met someone's eyes.

I was going out with my cuzy today. Just for a while, nothing important actually. Had lunch together outside our uni. My cuzy was paying her food in the counter while I'm trying to find a nice place to sit. As I settled down, I noticed that there is one family of three walking towards our table. Mum, daughter and son maybe (let just assumed it that way). They sat beside my table. It's quite close to mine. I can see very clearly that her son were trying very hard to sit. He walked slowly and his movement quite restricted, like he barely move. Well, since curiousity already kill the cat, I guess it killed mine also. My eyes keep looking at that table, when suddenly the boy looked back and met my eyes. It startled and stunt me. He's pale, he looked really sick and sad.

When my cuzy came, I told her about the boy. She said that, when she washed her hand, the boy was in front of him. His movement quite slow and his eyes wandered around. My cuzy take a good look at the boy's table and noticed that the boy seems sick. Looks like I'm not the only one that think that way, right?. I had a heavy feeling during our lunch. I keep looking at him, how he eat, stir his drink. It makes me sad....

Grateful with the life that we have.

footnote: missing my Fikry, one more more.....

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