Monday, March 08, 2010

Calls from mum.

I received two calls from my mum just now. First call was my usual conversation with her....My mum seems to own a magic power, she said that she felt something was bothering me, so she asked if everything was owkay. I said 'hebatlah ma ni, tau2 ja'. I shared some things with her, loosen up my burden for a little while. Lucky me, my mum willing to listen to me, whining about assignments, rests, and university stuff. My boyfriend is not around, so I don't talk with anyone lately. I constantly bothered him with my 'drama' in UMS. Hehe...he's havin a wonderful time in Jakarta, better enjoy it sayang, because once you're back in Malaysia, I'm going to bug you with more of my 'drama' hehehe.

After I took my shower and pray, my mum called me again...(mum we just talk for about half hour just now, did you forget anything). She gave me a sad news which shocked me a lot. My father's older brother passed away just now. Before I went back to UMS during my mid break, I did heard about his sickness and not being so well. But now he's gone. I feel sorry for my aunty and cousins. I wondered how my grandma will feel about this. I wish I am in Tawau right now.

Allah telah menetapkan kematian itu, tiada sesiapa boleh mengubahnya walau sesaat pun. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di sisi Allah bersama orang yang beriman. Innalillah wa innalillah hi rajiun.

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