Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CLEO April Issue

Here comes a bite of my fave mag.....non other than Ms. CLEO. I want to share with you guys my favourite article which is '4 times he wants to be in charge'. This is so interesting....especially for the woman that is independent in their relationship.

1. Driving

Driving is a manhood skill (as crucial as unhooking bras-according to CLEO). It also gives guys a well-being feeling when he safely drive you to one place to another. Plus it also give them the satisfy feeling when they drive you around in bad weather or rushing to catch a flight.

This is something I couldn't agree more. I hate looking at the couple in car, where the guy is in the passenger seat and the girl being the Mr. Even tho your girlfriend is a better driver, but still, be the man and take charge.

2. Grilling

They will feel more manly and needed. It's a streotype.

Well I grill sometimes (if I have too, bcoz no one is around). If I have my man beside me, of course I want him to do it. I don't want my face ended up with shadow in front of him.

3. Being Mr "I want to speak to the manager".

Man find it enjoyable to complain about terrible service. They like geting worked up in our behalf. Nowadays men don't go around and beat people to protect you, but evolution hasn't put down that desire.

Man standing up for you, is such a turn-on.

4...........why don't you get your own copy and be CLEO's number 1 fan, after me.....

footnote: masih di hadapan skrin laptop, walaupun ada kelas Bahasa Arab jam 11 nanti.

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