Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Count please

Today is a very tiring day for me (might be the most tiring day in sem 2). Last night I slept quite late. Then I wake up early and start packing my bag. I'm going to spend my night tonight in my friend's house. Will have a slumberrrr partyyy later!!!. Back to high school people. Enough with that. This post actually is about the international students. I already met them twice. So today was our second meeting. What actually I did that makes me end up meeting them every week? Hahaha. Actually one of my lecturer during sem 1 asked me and a few of my friends, to help her tutoring them.

They have to take Academic Writing subject (which in my opinion, is not appropriate for international student) I was assign to 6 Chinese boys. I only manage to remember 3 names which is Wade, Tom and Tony. They have difficulties in speaking the language. Their English is in poor state. They get confused if you talk too fast. Sometimes I even use hand sign to communicate. They get bored n tired easily when writing. s. So today to make them sit and write, I have to pull out stories from them. One of them said to me that they learn Bahasa Malaysia now. So I asked him to count in Bahasa Malaysia......satu, emm duarr, tigga, armpart, limpa, emmm shembilan...............................hahahahahahahahahaha. (Masa tu cik tutor xbleh kawal diri dari ketawa). It's fun having oppurtunity to guide them. I'm hoping that they get better marks this week. We gambate together k. I'll help you guys.

Lepas tengok my international students berhempas-pulas belajar English, rasa semangat mau score paper Bahasa Arab final nanti.............


ani said...

jia you ning!!

Annie said...

thanks Ani...U too Gambate!!!