Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A glance of CLEO March Issue

Since I love my readers and CLEO, I want to share some of the input I got in CLEO Mag. All I can say is, March issue is SUPERB!!!..I'm in love with every pages.It's a must read issue. My favourite part is 'You Know You Are A Woman When'...

1.As a girl, you used to dress for the boys. As a woman you will dress for other woman.
Yes true enough, turning men's head will be fun but envious glance of women is better

2. As a girl you used to look for a job that will make you happy. As a woman you will find happiness in your work, whatever it is.
I would love to be a journalist, photographer, ehemm even TV Host so that I can go around the world and meet new people. But now I will just focus on what will I become in a short time and find my passion there.

3. As a girl you used to go for the cutest guy a girl like you copuld find. As a woman you will go for the smartest guy a woman like you could find.
First and foremost, my boyfriend is the cutest guy. Hehehe... I can say that as you grow older, you will tend to look at the deeper sides of a person.

4. As a girl you used to get by with fast food, slimming belts and four hours of sleep. As a woman you will watch your diet, exercise regularly and make sure you rest well.
I am definitely still a girl in this part. I got tempted too much with fast food and I don't like to sleep much. Hehehe.But I did watch my diet a little, to gain some weight.

5. As a girl you used to shop, shop and err shop. As a woman you will earn, budget, shop and save.
This is sooo what I'm doing right now. Although I'm not working anymore but still I plan my finance wisely.

6. As a girl you used to argue or give in; bluster or fight. As a woman you will speak up or compromise, listen and apologise.
WoW! This is what I've trying to look out for in life. I'm in the process of building it inside of me.

Go get your own copy of CLEO now for more infos, tips and fashion.

credit goes all to CLEO

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