Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcoming Earth Hour 2010

I look forward to Earth Hour every year. Well this year event will be different because I'm not at home. But still, it's not an excuse for me not to participate. I'm a nature lover. Even though people might said I'm only one of the billion people that living on Earth and switching off my lights won't do any different, but still.....a change begin from a man. 'Take a look at yourself and make a change" what MJ said. So to show your respects to Earth, don't forget to switch off your lights today (27th March 2010) from 8.30pm-9.30 pm. For those who don't have any ideas on what to do during the dark hour. Here some tips that might help you guys.
1. Invite your friends over.
This is a good idea for those who staying at hostel, just like me. Gather your friends and do some fun activities.
2. Sit in the dark and share stories.
Okayyy sharing ghost stories might be a little spooky and creepy. You might ended up having goosebumps during the whole hour. So what you can do is actually, share some childhood stories or maybe hype up the night by playing 'truth and dare'. An hour is all it takes to open the closet right?
3. Play board games.
This is also a nice way to kill your time during the earth hour. Remember how we use to get all excited over the UNO or Monopoly games. But I don't suggest you guys to play game like Chess. Thinking deeply and hardly might be the last thing you want to do during dark hour.
4. Watch a skyline.
If you can find a good spot to watch the beautiful stars in UMS, don't forget to share it with me.
5. Candle Light Dinner during Earth Hour.
How about getting the family or your love onetogether for a romantic, nice candle lit dinner during earth hour? But for anyone who's staying in hostel like me, it might be a little dangerous.
6. Books by Flashlight.
Have you ever tried it? Its a lot of fun. But if you are reading your lecturer's note for your midterm, you might find Earth Hour is very stressful.
Here is a footage of Malaysia's famous landmark, The Twin Tower, during earth Hour on 2009.

I have my own memories during Earth Hour...You guys?? Well go and create one tonite?

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