Friday, April 30, 2010

Give and Take....which one comes first?

Give and take always relate to a partner. Maybe friends, spouses, or any relationship between two people (could be more). Which one actually comes first....GIVE....You expect that person to give something to you, then you will definitely return it back or you are the one who always GIVE something with the expectation that someday your partner will help you back or give something in return. Is it worthy enough to give something? What if it will not be returned, the way we want it to be? What if your partner do not value the gift as you expect him/her to be? What if the gift return to you is not as fancy as what you have done?

So the solution is ..TAKE first?

You take something, then you will value your partner more? Is it taking something will be the confirmation of Give and Take rules? Let say your birthday fall first than your partner. So you will judge what kind of gift you should give to your partner according to what he/she give first. If he/she give you something really meaningful, you will give something that with extra meaning...or even hidden meaning. If you get a pricey stuff, well you need to shop for extra pricey stuff. Is it supposed to be like that. Take first and give later? Why I don't have a right feeling about this?

I should say that the term says the nature...Give and Take..Give comes first in that and personally I do think so. Not everyone has an angel heart but please don't make yours too dark that Mr. Genuine cannot even squeeze in. You need to feel sincere about giving. Maybe because you really care, you really love or you feel sympathy. You give extra suprise for your friend's birthday not because you want to burden her with the extra suprise on your coming birthday. Do it because you feel to do so. The giving process should give you happiness, you feel great about caring someone. You will want to do more, Why? Well you want to show that you care about your fried or spouse not simply because 'Oh!!! I like doing this stuff, maybe she will return the favour when it's about time'.

Giving is a symbollic to many things but for sure it's showing the genuine side of yours. Love enough to give something.............If you want TAKE to come might be too late...

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