Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glad my brain still in the right place

But my heart certainly not. My heart already took the first flight to Tawau few weeks ago. I can concentrate well on my studies (Thank Allah for that) but surely my heart miss home too much.

My cuzzy eyen already back from Matrik Labuan a week ago. She finished her Matrikulasi already (time fly so fast). So I can't wait to spend time with her 'beampai-ampai' (relaxing) in front of the television and laptop of course. Miss my baby cuzzy oso, PP. She musthave grown a lot already, and talk a lot. Hahaa. I miss listening to her kindergarden story. Not forgetting my mum and dad. Everything about home is just superb. Nothing can go wrong (hopefully). Can't wait.

Then the highlight for my sem break also, is the reunion with my other half. Reunion is not the right word. But whatever the word that appropriate, the thing is I'm going to meet him. Can't wait also. We haven't meet each other for like half of the year. So longgg... I've been waiting so long to spend some quality time with him. HuHuHu.

Anyhow, need to get back on study....

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