Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm inconsistent yet have own personality

I am a person that like to be different than others. I don't even care if I looks ugly (yup....), as long as I have my own style. Hehehe. I'm into fashion but not the current trend (sometimes la). There is a big gap between those two. Fashion is what's in the season. Trend is what is being followed around you. Fashion is like casual batik, pastel colours, or a next-door look. But trend is more like wearing a big belt (like what people around me like to wear nowadays), selipar jepun with heels or rebonding hair. Hehehe.

I remember when I was 16, pink colour was a total 'in' thing during that time. Everything is in pink colour. I think that year was the beginning or starting point of 'girly era'. But I don't know why I hate that colour so much. I even got sick with it. I avoid that colour the whole year. F.Y.I I have my printed 'No Pink' T-shirt that time. Hahaha...

If I mention this thing I'm sure you guys notice it also. Remember Rihanna's hair in Umbrella? Yup 9 out of 10 girls in Malaysia got that hairstyles during that time. I think around 2008 if I'm not mistaken. I tried that hairstyle once, when I was 15, year 2003. My classmates said it looks a bit weird. Some even commented I look like Liza Hanim. What!!!!.......But that hairstyle became trend only 5 years after that. I don't followed it. Instead I'm obsessed with bangs(rambut depan) that time. I even went to salon a few times only to fix my bangs.....such a high maintenance girl that time.....but it was long ago okay. I changed already (to a worst fashion crime) hehehe.

Then came Bill Kaulitz. Everyone at that time were so clueless about Bill Kaulitz. Tokio Hotel you no doubt you guys are a massive thing in Europe but in Malaysia people barely recognize you guys. I watched their first MV around end 2008 which is Ich Bien Da. During that time they only have German songs. No English songs yet. That was the time I fall in love with EYELINER. I wear eyeliner a lot. I even create 'lentik-lentik' eyeliner around my eyes. But lately everyone seems into eyeliner. I'm avoiding eyeliner now. But sometimes it is too irresistable.

Then came shawl....adoi this thing I used to call it selendang. I was so into this tudung early last year. Maybe around end of 2008 to quarter 2009. At that time not so many people like this selendang, because it's quite complicated, the fabric kinda itchy. But now, shawl is very trendy. Easy to wear, cheap, comes in really2 nice colours and nice fabric also. But I'm too lazy to follow it. Pakai bila rasa mau pakai sudah la.

But I managed to follow the trend of Tudung Ekin, Ray-Ban sunglass, batik, hahahaha.....
Why am I always in the wrong trend time? Sometimes I'm too fast, sometimes I'm too late. No wonder I always looks weird or unattractive. Haishhh.... I needto be in the near path of both fashion and trend....

Some people inconsistent because he/she keep following people around him/her. Some just like to create silly n trashy stuff and keep changing everything (just like me). Hahaahahaa.

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