Friday, April 16, 2010

'Laptop-Off Hour'

No, I'm not creating a mini version of Earth Hour here. This is a superb, excellent idea from one of my roomates. We all are whining a lot in room that 'bila mau study ni'. All of our eyes seem glue to the laptop screen, Facebook, ChatRoom, YouTube to be exact hehehe. So last night around 7 pm, one of my roomate Kak Misae said 'Jom la kita study bah' and suddenly my other roomates and me of course saying things like 'Jom la, betul2 sudah aku malam ni', 'Ndak boleh bukak laptop ya', 'Ya off', 'Ndak boleh di katil", blah, blah, blah, blah....It is amazing and I'm quite suprised that it works out. Believe me. It's nice to see different year students, different course, different subject but sharing the same moment of intense towards study. So for those other rooms that want to give it a try, just follow these guidelines:

1. Set an hour time. Where everyone in active mood. We have chosen 8.30pm to 9.30pm
2. Switch off your laptops. But music and radio are allowed (earphone only, no loud music)
3. At your own table area, studying. Not on the bed or lying down.
4. No talking.
5. Can have 5 minutes break in between. Not too long please.
6. Limited message reply or phone call being answered.

So why don't you guys give a shot. It's worth it....


Farah MR said...

nda boleh gak kak ada try malam kelmarin..cuma boleh bertahan 15 jam..konon nda mo buka sampai exam kalkulus la ya..haha

Annie said...

Farah juz switch laptop for an hour ja. Lepas tu boleh buka. Sehari boleh buat tiga kali.....Try babe...hehehe