Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A little fight before final

Juz a little hardships along my final exam way. But everything still under control. Same goes during my last sem final exam. Also the same. But nothing gonna stop me from working hard on my final. Mr. Final.....don't play 'hard-to-score' with me because it's so not cool. My Ustazah said 'take care of your relationship with The Creator during exam time'. It will help you a lot. This week is kinda off with lectures but soooo on with assignments. 3 more assignments to go and I can focus on my exam after that. Allah let me have the best from what I have work hard on. If I somehow encounter hardships along the way, don't leave me alone. Let me have a better result than last sem. I'm grateful with the outcome of last sem. But there is no doubt that I want more this sem. Please let me have this..... Amin.

Today got a chance to talk with some of my ex-students .....WoW....Time bye2 so fast. They've grown up. I hope they can get better opportunities out there. Let them become the future generation with all the good qualities. Let them become the leader of tomorrow. My prayer is always with you children. I know this sound ultimately cliche but never give up in life. Sometimes life take you down, bring you to the place that you never think life will take you. But it's life after all, nothing comes easy. Pressure comes before relief. Failure comes before glory. Hardship comes before success. Always remember things happened for reasons. Allah don't test us for fun, there are reasons that only The Creator know why....

p/s: tQ ShieQyn......



ShieQyn said...

You're Welcome, Teacher.. :)
Im felt appreciated.. hehehe :)

Good luck teacher..

Annie said...

I felt appreciated too

tQ...all the best to U