Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stay The Same

Dua tiga hari ni asyik dengar lagu Aaron Carter-I'm all about U dan Joey McIntyre-Stay The Same. Lameee I know, rasa macam di tahun 1999 pun ada hehehe. But It's a nice a song after all. Hehehe. Really want to stay the same girl in life. Bubbly, lively, jump here n there and naughty girl. But you're not only struck by the happy lightning. Sometimes sad thunder visit you. But it makes you grow up. Always see the bright side kan.

I changed a lot a few years. A lot. I closed my heart a little bit. I talk less, but try to be happy. I shut down myself here n there. Keep it down a little bit. I'm not a good actress at first. But now I'm an excellent pretender. I burdened more and more people in life. I feel like sharing my problems the whole time. But little I realised that I burdened people's ear with my stupid problems. Even my voice tone pun buat orang susah ja.

I want to advice myself, stop being a parasit in people's life. No one want to hear it okay. Stop ruining people's day. Make people happy in a conversation. Who want to be in a boring conversation. Obviously, who want to be in a problematic conversation. Aishh, U susahkan diri dan orang lain tau. Keep it yourself ja la benda tu. Kan senang. Xdalah hidup menyusahkan diorang ja. Kalau U ada duit besok kan Anne, pegi jumpa kaunselor ka, psychologist ka. Dorang mau dengar la tu. Hehehe.

I want people to have the best side of me. Want to entertain my BFF, my BF, more. they don't deserved to be in a hard situation that they don't belong to. They have a happy life, why keep ruin it. Keep the ugly side of U in ur pocket. No one want to involve la Anne. Stop putting hope yang U sendiri pun xpasti. Kan susah. Xpayah banyak-banyak fikir, benda sudah depan mata jadi,
tengok ja la. Face it.

Stop being annoying Anne.....Wear your sunglass now and put a happy face. People will love U more.

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