Monday, May 10, 2010

Eleventh of May

To my dad..

It might be unfortunate for you to have such a spoilt brat daughter like me. LOL. But don't worry, that was long time ago. i'm trying my best here to be more matured and independent woman. You are trully an amazing man in my life. Because of you, I am here in this world living an amazing, beautiful life. Without you, living will not going to be this meaningful. I hope you continue to have a good health and fortune along the way. Even though we are always apart now, but there is not one day I go through without remembering you. Every step I take in my life begin with thoughts of you and mum, because everything I do is for both of you.

Happy Birthday..............


Audee Valeria said...

cinta mati utk Abang Fikri.. ehee..


Annie said...

I am hehehe.....Have a nice holiday dear..