Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy 'Ma' Day

Happy Mother's Day for my extraordinary ma, Puan Neriza Ali Maiden. I love her so much.

Forgive Me...

Forgive me for all those worries I gave you. I know you worried more since I stay in KK now. Even though I'm old enough to take care of myself but who could blame a mum for worrying her daughter that lives 500 km away from her. Forgive me also for all the promises that I broken.I know I shouldn't go out at night but still, I did it. I know I should behave myself, but still I lost control over my attitude. Forgive me also for always drag you in my problems. I should be wise enough to take care of it, but seldomly I take care of my problems without burdening you first. Forgive me also for being so demanding in life, I know it makes you sad, yet I still did it.

I Will...
I know someday (Insya-Allah) I will be a teacher. Even though my future job is not as fancy as doctor or lawyer, but I will make you proud. I will show the future generation all the good value you teach me. I will educate them how important education to one's life is, like you always taught me. Being an educated person, change everything, regardless to positive or negative. You must know how to value it so that the education will benefit you and your children. I will also make you proud with me. I will show you my stronger sides. You did not raised me to become a weak person. A person that always stumble in hardships of life. I was raised to become a strong woman that can face obstacles and test from The Creator, Allah. There is a reason in whatever happen to our life, right ma?

Thank You...
Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for giving birth to me. I'm grateful to be born as your daughter, your only children. I'm proud to be the only one that carry your gene in myself. Hehehe. Thank you for all the time you willing to spend with me. Although you are busy, you still spare some time to prepare my meals, hear my stupid stories, complains, gossips etc. Thank you for all the investment you have to put in, in order to raise me. I know I wasted a lot of your money here and there. I should have known better how hard it is to find a single penny, yet I still greedily buy new outfit. Thank you for holding on to me.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world.

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