Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday makes me...

During my holiday..

1. I'm not alert with date anymore. I keep asking my mom, "What date is today?". Then tomorrow I asked the same question again. Sometimes I even mistaken the day "Tonight is Glee right?". Then, my cousin will replied "No, It's tuesday, Glee is tomorrow".

2. Got a chance to meet my better half, En.Fikry, even for only two weeks. We are trying to make the long distance relationship work here, so two weeks is a lot actually. At the same time, I'm also having my semester break holiday. Thank God. I hope there will be more oppurtunity for us to meet each other in the future.

3. Get tongue-tied and keep mixing up my languages. My English has becoming worst. I speak 3 languages in one sentence. This is the effect of watching too much Tokio Hotel's video, which is mostly in German language. Plus, I'm overload with Korean drama and show. As the result I keep saying Korean language like aniyo=no, wae yo=why, jinja=really, go jo=go away or German like und=and, nie=no/never, ich=I. I'm so dead now. My tongue battling with those languages.

4. Polluted with my cat's fur. I inhaled too much cat's fur. Keep coming into my body. I snuggle a lot with my cat. One of my cat like to get comfortable on my lap. It will stay there for hours.

5. But there are some postive stuff I did. Since my mom keep saying "big belly there". I'm taking an initiative to stretch my body a little bit. I'm too lazy to jog or do spots. As a solution, I just stretch my body or muscles, whatever I have there. I feel like my muscles is stiffing. I did some yoga. I know yoga have been forbidden in our religious. But I believe I do not have any bad intention. Plus I try some pilates moves.

6. Since Tawau do not has much choices on fast food outlet so I'm fast food fasting now. Kekeke. If I'm in Kota Kinabalu, fast food becomes my priority. It's a must. Addiction I think. But now, I just enjoyed homemade cook. Healthier and happier.

7. My Inbox is full with messages from my ex-students. Seems like most of them know I'm having my holiday now. Kekeke. Alhamdulillah, they still remember me. Some of them asking how am I doing, give their latest in and about in school. Some even complaining things to me. I can only listen, give advices and pray for your best. Miss all of them.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Annie, I'm impressed with your knowledge of foreign languages.
Always an advantage knowing languages.
And your English is very good.
You have fun and keep a song in your heart, have a nice day, Lee.

ani said...

rajin2 pilates ning..

Annie said...

UL: Thanks a lot. I do hope those languages will bring me some advantages along the way. U too have a great day.

Ani: Menyeksakan buat pilates tu...bengkok2 semua tulang.