Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Start Unfriend People

I read this one amazing article from my non-other favourite magazine, CLEO of course. It is in the June edition. CLEO mag never fails to impress me with their amazing input. I couldn't delight more on those articles, fashion swap and of course the freebies. Good Job CLEO.

So back to the articles about deleting your friends, where else it should be? Facebook of course (and your other online profile). I have my own mindset about Facebook. I befriend with all of my 300++ friends simply because, I know and recognise them or I'm very sure that I bump into them somewhere. You know that feeling, when you are seeing those request friends, you're very sure you saw that person somewhere in your high school. So at the end, you will probably ended up clicking the 'Agree' button. Eventhough after few months, you still couldn't figure out, who is that girl in your Friends List, yet you shared 45 common friends.

Here what April Smallwood had to say about this. Decide who is your true pals in Facebook. What she meant by true pals here is the one that you would like to invite to your wedding or the people you really want to keep in touch with. Why bother to add people online that we likely wouldn't say hello on the street. The advise is---cut your friends list to the people you actually like, miss or intend to reconnect in the future. She also acknowledged that it is not easy to reconnect those friends. People also intend to be polite, plus you might chicken out at a second thought and continue in stalking your high school sweetheart/crush or old frame. You might also want to refresh your friends list by removing those who aren't good to you.

I know the writer intend to give us a lesson to stop wasting our time with fake relations. But still it is not easy. It is definitely hard for me to execute online friends. I'm doing a wise choice in choosing who I want to 'Agree' in Facebook. I will never add a total strangers in my list. It is dangerous nowadays to put your profile out loud to the borderless world of internet. So I take initiative to choose wisely. But still, I do add some of my friend's sister, or my ex-colleagues's friends, and someone I never talked to but bump in regularly during high school. But the idea of unfriend with the false relationship put me into deep thoughts. Maybe it's time to vacuum the unwanted relationship. The person might not even realised you're not in his or her friends list anymore.

p/s: If I really do the cleaning ...........My friends probably around 50.

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