Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Okay, lama sudah ndak mengupdate blog kan. Not much going on actually. Regular stuff only. But I'm really happy and grateful for everything. Well let's narrow down the stuff to the things that put me over the cloud 9. My big day is coming. No guys!...not my wedding, but my birthday. Usually I'm not looking forward to this day, because first of all, I'm going to be one year older. But seems like this year older day really makes me happy. My other half already confirmed his flight to KK on the 22nd of July just to spend the day with me. I'm so so so happy. I used to joke about it you know. I meant, how can it possible for him to have the holiday exactly on my birthday. But I learnt that nothing is impossible. I said to him nonchalantly on spending the day with me. I couldn't believe that this is happening. I want this to be my best birthday ever. Please let me have it. Plus I already got a lot of advanced gifts.

Miss my other half so much...

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