Tuesday, July 06, 2010

22nd Birthday Spam 1

I hope this is a good start for my SPAM list.
22 folders and files in my computer.
1. I collect letters.
I have a lot of letters in my Document folder. From resignation letter to permission letter, I have it all. I don't know why but seems that those letters got their own sentimental values.

2. I have Moon Mason folder.
Who is Moon Mason? Well look at the cute baby above. That's him. Looking at his pictures put a smile on me.

3. I have a folder named 'Camwhore Me'.
Please don't get me wrong. I know the folder's name sounds really slutty and nasty but believe me it's nothing close to that. Just some random pictures of me in it.
4. My video folder is empty.
5. Download folder is a mess.

Sometimes I'm too lazy to organize Download folder. My Documents, lectures' notes, music etc all cramped together in there. But ironically, I still can find my files without any problem.

6. I have a folder named '2009 apply'.

It is basically all the online application to several IPTA/IPTS last year. I faced a lot of difficulties in pursuing my studies at that time. Thanks to Almighty Allah it's over now. Browsing through that folder I found some application to Multimedia University, Scholarship to Korea, Unisel University and SPA8.
7. I still keep my students' marks of their History subject.
8. I have 95 images of cat. Some of them is mine. Some of them belong to my neighbours. Some of them already DEAD. Scarry!!
9. I don't have hidden folder. Really!! Is it?? or do I have???
10. The only KPOP folder I have is pictures of Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul.

11. My wallpaper currently is Hello Kitty.My computer looks like it belongs to a 12 year old girl. Aigoo. It's my new guilty pleasure.

12. If you browse through my folders you find it very boring. Believe me!!

13. I used to have Yunjae Secret folder.

But I guess it's a good time now to lower my hope down on it. but I still support them. Long Live DBSK!!

14. I swear that I will never delete my Assignments folder.

Just to remind me how much hard word I put in each of it.

15. I have about 800 songs. Not much.
Half of it I seldomnly listen too. Well you can't listen to raya songs throughout the year right?. 80% of it are Korean songs. The rest are Japan, English, Malay, Chinese, German and Mexican I guess...
16. I'm forgetful so I have 1 files that contain all of my passwords.
It's dangerous but I couldn't help but keeping it. So don't try to hack my computer to find those passwords.

17. I have a folder named 'Wall of Shame'.

What are in this folder actually?. It is my own personal collection of peoples' comments, walls, and entries from online profile like Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes when I browse through my Facebook Home, there are a lot of unpleasent things to read. So I copy and paste my screen and save it. Some of it including cursing, emo2 and so many other stuff. Suprisingly some of the comments I found out it, is about me. DON'T GET ME WRONG!!!. I'm not going it to use it in the future or to lash out at anybody. It is just as a reminder to myself not to show that kind of attitude out there. Not to be so loud in the virtual world.

18. Folders' size.
Pictures=4.36 GB
Music=4.95 GB
Documents=472 GB
Video= 25.0 MB (there are some sample videos)
Download=828 MB

19. Currently don't have password for my computer. But will have soon.

20. I prefer if my desktop doesn't have any icon/shortcut.

Errr so that I can stare at my Hello Kitty better. LOL.

21. I still have pictures and video when I was a teacher in SMTT and UMS's MSM 2009.

22. I used to have 50-100 bookmarks, but now I only have 10.

More SPAM coming up.....

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