Wednesday, July 07, 2010

22nd birthday Spam 2

This is the second SPAM...enjoy!!!

22 names.

1. Anne

My classmates during Form 6 and everyone in UMS basically called me with this name.

2. Annie
St. Ursula's friend called me with this name. Actually when I introduced my name, I just said 'Annie'. So 5 years I used that nickname.

3. Nining@ning
If you hear anyone call me with this name, definitely someone from elementary/primary school. Confirmed 100%. No one know my full name back there. They only know ning.

4. Aneng@Neng
Only my cousin allowed.

5. Pendek
Ni geng sekolah rendah yang kureng ja panggil. Tapi dulu2 kira buat xkisah. Kalau aku dengar ada org panggil nama ni lagi. Masaklah juga.

6. Liza.
Hahaha. Ni biasanya orang yang baru mau kenal-kenal. Usually they move on to Anne after that.

7. Nuranneliza
Just for your information, I hate when people write my name like this. There is one time, I introduced myself by saying 'My name is Nur Anneliza with space before A'.. YUP!! My teacher looks confused enough.

8. Aning (pronounce the word A first then ning, A-ning)
My parents use this, my name at home. When my cousins hear it, they changed it to Aneng. Aigooo.

9. Nur
Pun untuk orang yang baru mau kenal. Eventually they will move on to Anne also.

10. Nur Anneliza
hahaha. My full name. YES!! There is one of teacher called me that kekeke.

11. Anak si Latip.
Ni lagi la. There is one of my Chemistry teacher that love to call his students with our father's name. So the whole class ended with names like 'anak si Anwar', 'anak si wong', etc.

12. Simplyseoul
My virtual friend type my name like that.

13. Ma
kekeke. My better half give me that name.

14. Lily
There's a bunch of my senior during lower Form 6 called me with this name. Remember Malin Kundang. There is one character name Lily that according to them look a lot like me. I suffered with this name for half year.

15. BayBee
My pendrive's name keke.

16. Ju Hyeon
I used this to name my computer and folder.

17. Anchel
This name appeared somewhere in Jun@July 2004. I requested it to some people.

18. Nurameliza
I was checking my student's book when I saw under the teacher's name, they wrote that name.

19. Nor Anneliza
During my school years, teachers always wrote down my name in the student's list like that. Since 'O' comes before 'U', I always have to do my 'oral test/ujian lisan' earlier than it supposed to.

20. Maria Collie Bennet....blah blah

This is insanely insane. I wrote my name like this when I was in primary 6. OMG!!!!! What am I thinking.

21. my_cinderella_shoes


22. I think my bf save my phone's number with 'Nur Anneliza 016'

FIN for now...


Farah MR said...

no 11 tu lawak..

Annie said...

Hahaa...cikgu Kimia masa f4 n f5. Memang satu kelas dia panggil mcm tu. Kkekeekee