Wednesday, July 07, 2010

22nd Birthday Spam 3

This is random...LOL

22 songs in my current playlist (there are more than 22 songs, i just choose my 22 fave)

1. Good Girl Bad Girl by Miss A
2. I Need A Girl by Tae Yang
3. 2 Different Tears by Wonder Girls
4. All Night Long by 2PM
5. Girls' Generation by SNSD
6. Baby Baby by SNSD
7. Into The New World by SNSD
8. HuH by 4minute
9. Invitation by 4minute
10. Confession by Hot Potato
11. Bye Bye Bye by Hwayobi
12. Calling Out (BulleoBunda) by Krystal&Luna from f(x)
13. Push Push by SISTAR
14. Darkside of The Sun by Tokio Hotel
15. Because of You by After School
16. Genie by SNSD
17. Lupin by KARA
18. Chu~ by f(x)
19. Suspicious Man by Lee Jung Hyun
20. Nal Ddara HwaeBaYo by 2NE1
21. I Me My Mine by 4minute
22. The Name I Love by SHINee

LOL I listened to SNSD a lot...

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