Thursday, July 08, 2010

22nd Birthday Spam 4

22 of my 'text-messaging-habit'

1. I type a lot of 'Kekeke' or 'Hehehe'.

2. Instead of typing 'bah', I type 'bha'. It's easier.

3. I fall asleep while texting my bf, I know I'm supposed to say gudnite. But I seldomnly did that. So sorry.

4. When I text my dad, I type really short message.

5. When my mum text me, I seldomnly replied her. I called her right away.

6. Sometimes I don't know whether I already replied someone or not, I have to rely on my 'Sent Message' item.

7. I still stored my messages with my bf during February 2007, in my old mobile phone, of course.

8. I'm too lazy to delete messages.

9. I love the message that stated our prepaid balance right after we make a phone call to someone.

10. I love to read my sent messages over and over again. Weirdo... I know.

11. Since now a World Cup season, I hate receiving promotion messages about football.

12. When I read the message like 'Tahniah anda telah memenangi blah blah'....I said in my head, 'do you think I'm stupid'.

13. No matter how bored I am in class, I will not start texting. If I do that, that means that I really want to talk to you actually.

14. I prefer call than text.

15. It's funny that I don't really use short form in my message. Sometimes I type full words like 'terpulang la sama kau' instead 'up2u la'. LOL, LOL.

16. I love to sent wisdom words or quotes during celebration season like Raya. Guna Bahasa canggih-canggih.

17. I prefer texting someone during his/her birthday, rather than post the greeting in his/her Facebook Wall.

18. I don't really use English when SMSing. Prefer Bahasa Kebangsaan kita.

19. Sometimes I didn't save the new number in my inbox. Just let it be. Unless someone, tell me face to face, ear to ear, their number, then I save it right away to my phonebook.

20. I hate reading messages with words like 'skunk, kaw, apew'....

21. I don't use emoticon.

22. I like to type '.....'. Lots and lots of dots.

I may have more....but enough for now. See you in next SPAM!!!!!


Audee Valeria said...

2, 12, and 20..

SAME SAME! Gahahhh =)

Annie said...

bha ... i do notice u wrote bha oso..

Farah MR said...

setuju dgn no mau bagi penampar jak sapa tulis cam tu..

Annie said...

Btul tu Farah. Annoying gila..pandai sms tp xpandai mengeja.