Friday, July 09, 2010

22nd Birthday Spam 5


22 question I dislike/burdened me/put me in an unfavour situation!!!!

1. When people look at my plate and saying 'habis ka juga kau makan tu'.

2. When my little cousin ask me 'mana kak aneng suka mosashi ka atau hagemaru atau asarichan atau conan atau doraemon etc etc'

3. When my dad asked me 'ada rancangan kau mau tengok malam ni', maknanya dia mau ambik remote TV. Kekeke.

4. When people asked 'are you free during this and this'. Just ask straight to the point if you want my help. If I can and able to do it, I will. No worries.

5. When my bf asked me 'lunch dimana'...'makan di mana'. I'm owkay with any restaurant dear. kekeke...Just don't kill me with seafood.

6. There is few times when I already finished ordering and suddenly the waiter asked 'xmau cuba menu yang ni kak'. Ughh!! why bother to ask after I finished ordering.

7. This is very specific. There is one incidence when one of my lecturer asked us to write our answer in the whiteboard. I was so freak out. Come on!!! It's been a long time I did that. The last time i take turn with my classmate to write my answer on the whiteboard when I was in primary school I think.

8. When people ask my name and look confuse after that or simply asked me to repeat it.

9. I used to hate it when people asked about my weight. I used to keep it as a secret. Now I think it is owkay to tell.

10. When I want to reach for something and someone said, 'sampai ka juga kau tu?'. Well in case you think I'm too short, why don't you help me.

11. When my students asked about my age. They might think I'm too young. Glad I already come clean with my age before I left the school.

12. There is one teacher in Secondary school asked me 'Kamu rasa boleh ka wakil sekolah ni?'. I just said 'Bolehlah'. The she asked again 'Macam ndak yakin ja ni?'.....errr what do you expect me to say.

13. Best ka jadi anak tunggal?

14. 'Di bahagian mana juga kau tinggal di Pasir Putih tu?. F.Y.I Pasir Putih is a big kampung. It is hard to describe owkay. Especially when you never been there.

15. When I sit in front of the TV and somebody ttok the remote and ask me 'mau tengok TV ka'. LOL. Of course I want to watch the TV in fact I'm watching it at that moment until you interupt me.

16. When I'm already leaving the house and somebody ask me 'Sudah off kan plag laptop?.......Paranoid start to attack me. Did I?? I did turn it off right??

17. Do you want cake for your birthday? (Seriously do I have to answer that).

18. When my boyfriend asked me about previous monkey's love story. Kekeke.

19. When people questioning my driving skill 'Nampak ka juga kau tu?', 'Sampai ka juga kaki mu?'

20. When the barber questioning the hairstyle I want.

21. When my bf asked me to compare him and the other guys. I love you so there's no need to mention about other guys.

22. During school days, I hate when people from other school asked me 'Kau budak konven kan? kau kenal ka c ini, c itu?'.

Next post coming up...Bear the SPAM!!!! for a while ya.


Leysa JL said...

hii simplesoul or i think ur name is anne rite??hehe..
sory ah sy jd stalker blog ko today,boring tidak buat apa2..:)
anywer, i aso hate the Q num 10 n 19..sebab ppl keep asking me the same question,gni la nsb org x brpa tinggi kn..hahaha

SimplySeoul said...

Leysa JL: it's ok bebeh, be my guest here. I'm short, like really short hahaha.