Tuesday, July 13, 2010

22nd Birthday Spam 8

Ouhh my SPAM tergendala beberapa hari ni. I'm back to UMS already, so let's continue to another SPAM.

After 2 days in UMS, here are 22 things happened. (I guess this is according to timeline)

1. I arrived at my cousin' house and sleep for 4-5 hours.

2. Cooked happily.

3. Looking for scissor and glue the whole day.

4. Didn't comb my hair the whole day. I forgot my comb and I didn't feel like sharing. OMG this is embarassing.

5. Didn't have a good sleep. Like audy said 'the first night in UMS is always the hardest.

6. Hear the ambulance noise oftenly.

7. Carried a washing machine to another house. Kekeke.

8. Talking about proofs, evidences and so on regarding something kekeke. Silly us.

9. Hear scarry stories about KF.

10. Didn't fight for the bus. (on my way back also).


12. UPSI talkabout.

13. Had my first straight 2 hours lectures. It is very rare to have a 2 hours lectures in the first week.

14. Got a call from PTPTN. Money still pending.

15. Eyeeing Audy's shoes. Undoubtly beautiful.

16. Meet my juniors. There are 4o of them. Less malay and lots of Sarawakian.

17. Sit in a packed bus station. Seriously, it is crowded. If it is DKP, then it's common.

18. Envying the 1st year's bag. It comes in many colour and simpler design.

19. Reject the offer from Ain to go to 1B. Although I really want to go. I didn't feel really well.

20. Got my first blisters. Hahaha.

21. Had a terrible/uneasy feeling since last night. PTPTN makes it worst.

22. Blogging to make me feel better.


Audee Valeria said...

Now i realize that I actually got a blister too! Wakakaka.

stupid shoe.. hahahhahaha

chocolatte said...

haihh..i cant give you 22 presents for your birthday..hehe

Annie said...

Audy: Blisters is the price you have to pay 4 beauty.

Ain: it's owkay, just give me a present that costs RM2.20.