Thursday, July 15, 2010

22nd Birthday Spam 9

Since I'm still going on with my SPAM. So I have to post everything in '22 list' format. trivia is coming soon.

22 life's changes in UMS. (currently)

1. I wake up very early.

2. I seldomnly berebut bas and constantly sit in the front row.

3. I come to class an hour and half early. Like today, my class start at 10, I manage to get here by 8.20.

4. I have a lot of cold drinks. Kekeke. Since my cousin has a mini fridge.

5. I think 22 or more times if my friend ask me to join them to 1B because it's hard for me to catch up the bus.

6. Have a lot of food choices around my neighbourhood.

7. Thinking 24/7 'what if I did not get a hostel'

8. Online for hours. Lots of hours since the connection is damn good.

9. Have thousand of doubts whether I should join this and that or not. I mean activities in campus. I really want to but it's hard for KF people like me. Sigh.

10. Eat a lot of chicken wings kekeke.

11. Always carry my laptop around because it's very dangerous to leave it at home. WAYYY TOOOOO DANGGEROUSSS.

12. Whenever I looked at CD or AB bus, I miss those moments where I fight like crazy to get in the bus. Then standing beside the bus dashboard.

13. Buy a lot of groceries.

14. Depressed

15. Losing appetite.

16. Becoming good in holding up my emotion. I don't want to burden my head too much. :\

17. Screwing and nailing doors a lot.

18. Found cats in the neighborhood.

19. Sleepover at friend's house

20. Feeling insecure when I'm alone at home.

21. It's already been few weeks, I'm thinking of straight away pursuing study.

22. Becoming more positive (I'm trying to be)...

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