Friday, July 23, 2010

A love message

Terima Kasih banyak2 sebab post ni. No matter what U do in life Grace or how life take us both to a so different path, remember that my care is always with you. Even tho after 10 years we meet each other again and we are speechless because there's nothing common in our life, remember that I always support you. You know what you are doing and you do it best. Don't ever give up in helping out people. I admire your courage to do that and when I said I'm proud of you..I mean it.

One day you will be a great teacher. I believe you will be a great teacher. You know the field well, you know what you will certainly face. Life as a teacher is not easy right, in fact it will never be easier. But you can do it. I want us to meet each other in cluster's principal meeting maybe or jeling2 each other in KPM office in the future. Insya Allah. Hehe. So give your best and let's compete with each other who will get APC first. Kekekeke.

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