Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet our own Lady Gaga n Sandara Park

Such a weird combination kan. Hehehe. She's our apple of the eye, baby of the family, the late generation. ^^

Mini Gaga...

2NE1 yaww......

6 cool trivias about her.

1. Although she's 6, but she talks about boys.

2. She ordered us (including my father) to colour her colouring book. Saya selalu terpedaya, maybe sebab buku warna yang sangat tempting.

3. Always ask me to draw a Doraemon for her... I'm bad at drawing la Fi.

4. When she said 'Kak Neng jum kita main tanah liat'....I look at her toys 'Looks fun pula'....Then I realised after 30 minutes, she's gone playing something else and I looked like a 6 years old too, absorbed with PlayDoh.

5. She remember things very well, altho only been to 1B for 1 time only, she could describe the most of it.....

6. Cakes never fail to tempt her.


Gel said...

hehehe, Sandara Park vs. Fifi Park hahaha, nanti bila dia besar, kita bw pi audition YG ent.

Let me add some trivias 'bout her:

1) In front of the camera, she poses like a real model hehehe

2) When she talks, she sounds like an adult huhuhu...the way she views things around her is surprisingly like a grown-up sometimes

3) Ummmm.....perkataan yg dia pakai hampir serupa dgn perkataan "seiyuu" kartun2 dlm channel ceria---perkataan baku---good things to learn from TV, I think hoho

well, gonna see many more in the future I guess hee ^0^

Annie said...

JYP audition la...later sunbaenimnya 2PM.

Agree2...She have a good potential to become a model, already a beauty. We'll definitely see more of naughty PP in the future...We love her!!!